Happy New Year – Confidence

So we start another new year. I’ve decided not to go with making a New Year’s resolution – they don’t last, I feel I’ve failed then I forget all about it till the following January. This year following an idea from someone else’s blog (http://www.fromreportertosupporter.com/blog/one-little-word-2015-positive).

I have decided to go with the same idea – my word is confidence.

I need to be more confident that I can do my job, that I can help others, that my ideas are worth mentioning. It won’t be easy. I’m generally very happy to listen, to follow – whilst often having ideas that I think may work but not liking to put them forward. This isn’t just about confidence in me; I also want it to be me helping others to become more confident. Acknowledging that what they are doing is making a difference for our children who sometimes need more support to make progress. Encouraging them to try ideas, to be more confident too. To help children be more confident and willing to try, to learn that mistakes are learning points. Some of our children are so fragile that the slightest setback and they shatter, they have no resilience and no self-confidence. I want to work in a positive manner to try to build their confidence, I don’t have a magic wand but I want to have the confidence to know that what I’m doing is right and just needs perseverance. Perhaps that will be next year’s word!

Happy New Year – Confidence

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