Looking forward

The new year seems an age away; I know we are only on the second but it is time to start to get the “back to work” head on.

I have already started my job list for today, if I needed to be tortured stopping me writing lists would probably be a good place to start. The list includes “update school job list” as well as the standard Friday shopping list, which today is biased far more by the foods that Slimming World will help me get back to the weight I want to be at than crisps, chocolate and wine!

My school list from before Christmas wasn’t cleared, to be honest some of the jobs on it like “carry out dyslexia screening on all Reception children” wasn’t intended to be, it was a reminder. More essential are the bits that say “plan for Nursery first week”, that will be easier now that all of the assessments are updated on our online tracker. “Plan songs for choir” is an interesting one, I didn’t intend running choir, it was one of those things, and I always intended it not to run after Christmas but so many children came and asked if singing was on during the last week of term that I feel that perhaps there is a need, it now needs a purpose! I am keen to get children from all across the school to prepare a small concert for parents. Our parents might come; before Christmas the one older boy in the choir was singing a solo in a local community event that we attended. He was brave, he stood and watched for his mum. I told her how well he’d done when she came to collect him that evening, “Oops, sorry I forgot all about it.” I really felt for him.

The date for the submission for the first draft of a 2,500 essay for the SENCO accreditation course looms. It is sort of planned. I have done lots of reading (and remembered to record the references accurately as I go), I have started, 600 words are put on paper.It isn’t enough but having looked at the other things on the list getting some rest in preparation for the new term seemed like a good idea …

My word for the year is confidence. I need to be more confident, this needs to be tempered by enthusiasm, realistic expectations and organisation. I also need to remember I am part of a team, to delegate, to say no to some things, to stop saying “I’ll do that” without thinking through all the extra bits that “that” will entail and to remember that I am also a wife and mother. I will get there, my diary is filling, my head is buzzing with ideas and I’m really looking forward to the challenges that being a SENCO at our school will doubtless bring this year.

Looking forward

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