Back to school for an INSET Day

So today was the return to work day, the wake up early and have to get out of bed day but in a bid to break us into the new term gently it was an INSET day. It was even more gentle for me as I wasn’t involved in either of the two trainings that were taking place. I was given a whole day, without children, to work through my to-do list. I arrived to the pleasant surprise that I’d forgotten that I’d tidied my desk before Christmas and it was beautifully tidy. There was also the not so pleasant surprise that I appeared to have forgotten my laptop’s password, this was a temporary panic as it said the password had expired not it was wrong – but it took about 6 panic stricken attempts before I read the message properly!

I did get lots done, emails checked and replied to, letters from external agencies read and replied to, a bring and share lunch that I even got to attend. Is my list cleared? Of course not and in fact it is longer than when I started as one of the trainings gave teachers food for thought as to whether they needed to ask me a few questions.

But … a school needs children. I am looking forward to tomorrow when they come back to bring the place to life with their opinions, their chatter, their squabbles and, in general, their sheer enthusiasm for life. That isn’t to say that by February I won’t be looking forward to half term – perhaps we should save our INSET days, they are wasted on the first day of term!

Back to school for an INSET Day

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