Have we had a holiday?

So I arrived at school at my normal time and breakfast club was in full swing. I spoke to some children, “Did you have a good holiday?” They looked at me blankly. “Did Father Christmas come?” Slowly realisation seemed to dawn, yes they’d had a good holiday, yes they’d had presents, mainly “stuff”. It was if they’d never left.

A walk around school half way through the morning showed the majority working quietly, although one year group was in the dark, “We’re having a day without electricity to start our topic,” they explained and sure enough they were. The interactive whiteboard was off, there wasn’t a computer to be seen and the light switches were covered over so they couldn’t be used but the children were all on task and discussing what further difficulties a life like this might cause.

There was the odd, “I wanna go ‘ome” at 9 o’clock but even that seemed to have calmed by 9:30 as the normal school routine kicked in. There was a sense of calm; the children know the routines, they know the expectations, they know the staff, they almost seemed pleased to be back. They happily picked up where they’d left off in December.

It was almost as if we had hadn’t had a holiday!

Have we had a holiday?

One thought on “Have we had a holiday?

  1. zoe says:

    …and you came and spread your magic, as you do! A very lovely start seeing “our” children, agree on how much they seemed to want to be back. I too felt we offered them what they missed. 🙂


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