What a difference a day makes

Yesterday the children were grateful to return to the routine that is school. Today they remembered why they prefer the holidays! Not all of them, just a few. Perhaps they were just testing the boundaries to see if they were the same as before the holiday – they were. Life is never smooth so with 2 teachers out sick this week some children were already disrupted. We could cover one class with a member of staff so those children were fine, the other class who were on their second supply teacher this week were a little more edgy.

So today I needed to crack on with my ever growing list of jobs. Despite having a child or 2 working quietly at my table all day and a few calls to come and help assure this child or that the expectations had not changed, I cracked on. My mantra of the day seemed to consist of repeating – yes, it is still school, yes, you have to do learning and no, we aren’t going to send you home because you think that sitting under a table and squealing is a good idea. Working in my room is apparently boring. They would rather be in class. They would be good next time. They hate school, one child hated the school so much he announced he would sit under my table and never go home. I’m sure there is some logic in his argument somewhere, I just failed to see it.

I completed a few jobs off my list, I added a few more on. Tomorrow I’m back in class and looking forward to spending a morning with my delightful little ones learning about worms.

That’s what I love about my job, every day is different and what a difference a day can make.

What a difference a day makes

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