Data analysis without levels

So enough of the emergency, essential jobs have been crossed off the list. It is time to see if the quality first teaching plus carefully targeted acceleration programmes have had their desired effects.

I can find my SEN register, I can find the teacher’s target groups, I can even remember my password to get onto our amazing, whizzy, online pupil tracking system. I pull up the names, the subject and their levels.

Johnny was a 2C in writing at the end of Y4. I can picture this, I have an idea of what Johnny’s writing will look like, I may be able to suggest next steps to help him reach his next sub-level. I look at his new level. Oh no, levels are no more. It’s OK we have developed our own non-levels, he’s now a Y2M. Is this progress?

I appreciate that once upon a time in a land we now hardly recognise there were no levels and if someone had told us that Susan was a 2C we would have looked blankly, a what? The curriculum has changed (again), how we record where the children are has changed (again) but what hasn’t really changed is the children. The children still need to make those small steps towards learning, we still need to decided how we will present the information to them in a way that they can make it their own.

In the meantime the powers that be want to know that we are doing our jobs, that we aren’t slacking that we are driving standards ever higher, we just need to find a way to show them. We are educators, we are not politicians, we have the children’s best interests at heart, we will do it.

Data analysis without levels

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