Back into class

In a previous life I was a teacher, with my own class. I have been class teacher to classes from Reception through to Y6 (except somehow Y4). i have had easy classes, challenging classes and mixed age classes. For the last year I have been a SENCO, sometimes I have been a Nursery teacher and a SENCO, sometimes just a SENCO. I have been into odd classes and taught the odd cover lesson. I have done some small group work but I haven’t taught “real” lessons for a whole day.

This is about to change.

We have, for a wide variety of reasons, got a lot of staff off on Friday. Our budget is non-existent, in fact in truth we’d be happy with non-existent! So on Friday I am teaching an upper KS2 class. When I trained to be a teacher I trained to teach 4 – 8 year olds and my first job was teaching a difficult class of … Y5s. They were the class that supply teachers would refuse to teach; they had had 11 teachers the year before. There were 34 of them, 22 of them boys! I survived, they learnt something, so did I.

I haven’t taught Y5/6 for the last 6 or 7 years. Can I still do it? Of course I can but that doesn’t stop me feeling nervous. I want to do well. I want to put into place all of these things I so glibly say to class teachers that they should do. It is good for me, I know. I’ve read the blogs saying leaders should teach. I agree but the thought of it is another thing altogether. It isn’t like being a supply teacher, these children will see me again.

My word for the year is “confidence”. I will get the planning tomorrow, I’ll look at it, I’ll be prepared. I will act confidently. You never know, I might even enjoy it!

Back into class

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