I’m a teacher, I can do talking!

I can stand in front of a class of children and talk about what we will be doing, how to do it and ask questions about what they have learnt, I can talk to staff in the staff room, the lady in front of me in the shop even the person at the call centre to say that my new credit card hasn’t arrived. Some conversations are more difficult. Those conversations which you know are going to be difficult.

Some people seem to have diplomacy and tact down to a tee. Some people seem to always know exactly the right words to say with just the right expression; I’m not one of those people. As a teacher as part of the leadership team I do sometimes have to have tricky conversations, with children, with their parents and with colleagues. In my head I know what I’m going to say, I plan the conversation – what a shame that they don’t know the answers that I have planned out for them.

Children are good at talking too. Sometimes we want them to talk, share ideas, ask questions, explain what they have learnt having listened to our talking and then put into practice what they we were talking about. Sometimes we ask them to stop talking, just for a few minutes, to listen, to think. Some of them seem to find this impossible; do they actually speak to deliberately annoy or to be contrary or because quiet is something that is difficult to “do” nowadays? Do they actually choose to speak at all or does it just happen?

Looking forward to next week I have to do lots of talking, I need to do some appraisals, I need to do some teaching, I have a few parents to meet, I will bump into a few people and chat, I need to have a word with someone to check they have enough strategies to do their job as well as all those things that my SENCO course tells me I should be doing to lead the teaching of SEN forward. It’s all very well me doing all this talking, perhaps I need to make sure I listen too so that I can understand the responses. Perhaps this is the way that I will learn to be one of those people who knows what to say and not one of those people who comes across as the children sometimes do.


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