Work life balance and guilt

It’s Sunday. I’ve gone away to see family for a weekend, surely that is one of the things weekends are for. I have worked hard at school or week, I’ve grabbed lunch times, not stopped for long breaks in the staffroom done some more at home so why do I feel the need to do more?

I know I’m not the only one. I drove 3 hours to see my family yesterday, arrived, had lunch and then said I had some work to do. I sent out emails and got responses from several colleagues, all spending time working on a Saturday afternoon. My mother told me she’d been quiet so she disn’t disturb me! I pointed out I manage to work at school with a variety of miscreants in my office, however noisily she did the crossword or the jigsaw I felt I could cope.

We went out last night, she mentioned, gently, I didn’t need, shouldn’t feel the need, to work all weekend. She also said all teachers seem to but people who have other jobs don’t. It’s true. Is it that we become teachers because we have an inbuilt sense of guilt that we have long holidays? Is it concern for the children and their progress? Or something else?

I have assured my mother that I won’t be doing school work today. We will go out, potter around the house, make lunch. I’ll drive home. Will I manage to leave the pile of IEPs that need writing up in my bag? Does the essay (well actually 2 essays) that I need to write for my SENCO course count as school work?

It’s hard, I enjoy doing things connected to school but I do need to get them done. I know that the world won’t end if I leave them. Equally they do still need doing. It’ll be tough but I’ll try and ignore them (at least until tonight when I’m on my own at home!)

Work life balance and guilt

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