The last few days have been tricky, challenging, difficult – choose your adjective. There are several children who are not following adult instructions, who are denying other children the right to be safe and the right to learn. Some have, unfortunately, reached the point where a short, fixed term exclusion has become necessary.

This may have been tricky for me and for other members of SLT but we have had a few children for a few hours. The class teachers have these children and the rest of the class, they can’t just contain them and keep them safe, they have to teach them. They are expected to get every child to his/ her potential by teaching engaging lessons in a variety of learning styles. And they do.

We, SLT, try and help, try and be supportive (we buy the odd packet of chocolate biscuits for the staff room table), we say we are  team who all work together. We mean what we say but after a tough couple of days in school I have had a stream of texts off teachers and LSAs all enquiring how I am.  Yet they have had a tougher time.

We are a team, yesterday I was offered (and accepted) help from the caretaker, a lunch time supervisor and a passing LSA as well as other members of SLT. We are all working together to support each other in helping these children both academically and emotionally and I find it difficult to believe that I could work with a better team anywhere. Working as part of a team makes this job possible. Thank you.


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