Feeling sorry for the children

Today has been a day to feel sorry for children. To wonder how they manage to learn at all. I have had several incidences of hearing of things going on at home that would do my adult head in.

One of the children involved will not be returning to her normal house tonight, when told she shrugged and carried on. She didn’t even ask why. Another is showing disturbing behaviour and is obviously not his normal self but he comes to school because it is the law and we are a stable influence. He is in school, he is not learning, he is stopping others learning. What is the answer? We could exclude him, would that really help?

I spoke to a parent of a child who was destroying a classroom and asked for her to be picked up. I was told that we were being paid to look after her. I suggested we were paid to teach and were not a babysitting service. Our teachers would love to teach. More than that we would all love children who had home lives that were conducive to them being able to learn.

I have a letter from our local community paediatrician regarding a child who has been taken to his GP because of his behaviour at home – how is he in school they ask. I can tell them – not good. I know the response I am going to get – I will see him once the parents have completed a parenting course. The issues may well stem from home but in the meantime whilst we wait for the referral to a course that lasts 12 weeks and doesn’t start for another 2 months we have some very sad, confused, children who are missing out on education and a significant part of their childhood. How sad.

Feeling sorry for the children

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