Being a “real” person for a week

I’ve felt a bit of a fraud at work this week. I haven’t been behaving like a teacher, like a SENCO – well I have at work but at night and at the weekends I morphed into “a real person.”

Last week was a birthday weekend at home, this necessitated an afternoon cooking cakes and going out to dinner with the family.

Monday night I started researching code breaking – not deciphering data and levels – a code set for the Station X geocache at Bletchley Park. I never knew there were so many different types of codes!

Tuesday night, yes on a school night, we went to the pictures, I can’t remember the last time I went to the pictures in the week! The film (The Imitation Game) was amazing, it must have been – I didn’t even start to doze off (something that can happen at the best of times).

Wednesday night  was a bit of school work and dinner and then back to trying to break the code. I did not want to be defeated. I have a Travel Bug called Ewe-gene who I want to leave at Station X. For those who have never done geocaching it is an international grown up hide and seek – totally harmless and quite fun (

Thursday was band night, Thursday is always band night, my evening to go and subject other people to my trombone playing! I may not be good but I try hard and enjoy it, it takes all of my concentration and stops me thinking about anything else. When I got home after a very helpful email from a friend, I cracked the code, well following the directions I decoded the code – now I need to find the geocache!

Friday, the week has whizzed by and I am off to finish the birthday week, off to stay in a hotel. So that Saturday can be a day looking at Enigma machines, codes and Christopher the “computer” and, no doubt, more meals out.

I had this sudden realisation that “real” people probably have weeks like this all of the time. Would I want that? No! Although I’ve enjoyed this week and doing all of these things I have missed playing with data, thinking through what I need/ want to do at work, writing lists and sending e-mails (ok, maybe I snuck a few of those into my evenings). I feel that I am not doing my best, I know lots of people probably think I’m a bit daft – it’s only a job. To me I love my job and love trying to do it well. I will have more weeks like this – that’s what those long holidays are for isn’t it!

Being a “real” person for a week

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