It’s the weekend

Those immortal words, “Thank goodness it’s Friday, it’s the weekend.” We all enjoy the idea of 2 days without having to work, 2 days without the children, 2 days without paperwork, 2 days without teaching – not that we don’t all love our jobs obviously but 2 whole days to ourselves.

If only!

I don’t know many teachers who allow themselves 2 whole days, most would consider that a luxury. It’s a bit like the 13 weeks holiday a year, it just doesn’t happen. Even if you manage to not do any¬†planning, not do any marking, not check and respond to emails, not make any resources, not spend any money on little bits for school, not read any educational blogs, not do any laminating, the children are insidious and thoughts about them keep creeping up on you. “Perhaps Joe would respond well if I ….”, “May be I could try ….. with Simon”, “I do hope Susan is getting on alright with her new foster carers.”

Do other professions do this? Some do, the best GP I have ever had phoned one Saturday morning to enquire about my daughter who he had seen earlier in the week because he was concerned, the little man who fixes our boiler did a Heath Robinson repair one night as he couldn’t get the part until Monday – and then turned up the next morning having had a 40 mile round trip to get the part because he knew I had a very small baby. These people know what it is like but a lot don’t. I don’t think my dentist worries that he cancelled my appointment this week. I’m sure my bank manager isn’t concerned about how much is in my current account (actually I don’t think he knows who I am at all!).

Regardless of the list of work I have to do, or rather that I want to get done, it is still the weekend! I shall enjoy knowing that I can organise my time as I wish, get a cup of tea and drink it whilst it is hot. I can also do things with my family, we will go to church, go out to friends for Sunday lunch. I will remember that to have a work-life balance you have to add in a bit of life and after all – It’s the weekend!

It’s the weekend

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