For my sins and due to unfortunate circumstances I have been co-opted as a staff governor at school. One day I will learn to keep my mouth shut and not sit at a governors’ meeting and talk about when I was a governor in a previous life at a previous school. Our chair of governors is lovely but as we were chatting before a governors’ meeting where I needed to present some SEN data a twinkle appeared in his eye.

The inevitable happened. A notice was put up in the staff room saying we needed a staff governor, no one replied. On Thursday I was co-opted as a temporary staff governor.

Previously I found being a governor quite interesting, ok sometimes meetings were a bit of a pain after a full day at work but I didn’t mind that much. So I didn’t think that at this school it would be much different. Today though is Governor’s Conference Day at a nice hotel, with a nice lunch. One of the governors has had to pull out at short notice, we’ve paid for someone to go…. Well I haven’t got anything on that cant be delayed (the essay and housework will always wait!)

So I’m not sure who the keynote speakers are, I’m not sure what the workshops will be but I’m assured the lunch will be worth it. So before 9:00 on a Saturday morning I’m up, dressed and off out to a conference. Sounds posh – hope they won’t mind that I’m in my jeans!


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