I set out this year to record some of my thoughts and reflections about my life as a SENCO as a blog. I’d not written one before, I was not in the habit of writing a diary so I was not sure how I’d get on. So far something has happened each day which has enabled to reflect and record those reflections in about 500 words. It takes about 20 minutes.

By the 31st March this year I have to have ready to submit 5000 words plus associated appendices and references of academic writing. 5000 words – about 10 days worth of blog – about 200 minutes. If only.

I seem to spend forever reading academic papers, books and journals to give me ideas and research into whether what I’m doing in school has any credence. I have to make a note of what I’ve read, how it fits into my thinking, how it compares to my school setting and experiences, who wrote it, where and when it was published. I have to write 300 words on this bit, 750 words on that bit, I’m not supposed to use contractions of words, I have to remember to explain all of the acronyms I’m using. It’s not much fun!

I am fortunate that I have a good tutor who will read my drafts and point out my errors and omissions. I can then go back and read a bit more, add a comment there or even worse have to try and lose 300 words as I’ve overrun my word count. I feel a lot of sympathy with the children, I don’t like constantly going back and rewriting and improving. Like them though, I know it has to be done. I am also fortunate that I am granted “study time” to write these essays, so I suppose I should stop writing this and get back to it – but, perhaps, first a cup of tea!


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