The never-ending jobs list!

I am an inveterate list writer – preferably in pencil on scrap paper. I need them to function; I sometimes don’t read them but the actual act of writing them tends to remind my brain what it is supposed to do.

I have a job list at work, I know what is on it, I have very good intentions but… I read a piece the other day on how to be more productive and one of the things was to put the day’s jobs on a post-it, the article said that if you couldn’t fit the jobs on a post it you couldn’t fit them in a day. I tried it – I was sure I could do more than a post it’s worth of jobs. I have discovered that actually I can’t even always manage that.

Generally I am quite good at prioritising my jobs, I don’t spend hours chatting, wandering to the photocopier or, despite rumours otherwise, sit with my feet up in my office drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits! I still don’t seem to get them all done. I am coming to the conclusion that children are the problem. If we didn’t have any children in school then I’d get to the end of my lists!

I also tend to feel that I work in a one step forward 2 steps back fashion so for every job that gets crossed off I add 2 more. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is like that. Is this just the nature of the job? Before becoming a SENCO I couldn’t imagine how I would fill 3 days a week – it’s amazing quite how naïve you can be!

The never-ending jobs list!

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