Washing Machine Days

A while ago a teacher who I work with explained to me how local authorities see everything in lovely straight lines. That is how life is in their offices, away from children in classes. Classrooms aim to work in straight lines, everything calm and ordered, then you introduce children!

Children who, at the moment are tired because it is nearly half term. Children who have a lot going on at home (or don’t have a home as they have been evicted). Children who have just discovered that the holiday club that they go to after school and during the holidays is shutting, for a variety of reasons which do not include the children or need.This starts to wind up the washing machine and gets things spinning.

Unstructured times in school – break times and lunch times – are always more difficult. At present the flu/ tummy bug that is going through the school has found the lunchtime supervisors. The spinner is increasing in speed.

Back into lessons after lunch, positive staff, clear rules in places, the spinning slows a little bit.

By 3:30 the children have gone, the spinning feeling gradually ebbs away like the water in the washing machine. Just like at home by tomorrow the washing will be unloaded, dried, ironed and put away and the machine will be ready for another load.

Washing Machine Days

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