Give yourself 3 stars and a wish

We made it! There was cake in the staffroom, the holidays have arrived. Time to reflect on what we have done, what we had hoped that we would do maybe even what we had rather not have done!

Reflection is part of being a teacher, most seem to reflect critically quite regularly. Rarely do we seem to reflect on the good bits, we all seem to be experts on “how to improve” and “I shouldn’t have done that”.

Results show that children are making progress. Therefore we must be doing something right. We encourage the children to highlight the good bits of their work, where they have met their success  criteria and then where they can improve. We mark their work with what they have done well, 3 stars and then the wish. Perhaps we should start to think about we have done well, notice 3 positives about a lesson or a week or a half term and then something we could improve on.

We need to be kinder to ourselves. Children are draining, especially if you work in an area where there are challenging children. They are capable of throwing a lot at you (sometimes in more than sense of the word) and we take it and turn up the next day with a smile and prepared to offer a fresh start.

But … we have made it. We must take time out during this next week to remember that we should be working to live not living to work, do spend a bit of time reflecting but in that 3:1 ratio that we would use with the children!

Give yourself 3 stars and a wish

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