The wonders of technology

Technology is wonderful – when it works. It enables children to record thoughts, speak into a whiteboard and say back your sentence, type and the computer will tell you your spelling mistakes, click a button and alternative word choices appear. It’s amazing until … it stops!
We have become reliant on the technology, I am writing this on a train, on my kindle’s touchscreen using a shared internet connection from my phone. As a child computers were enormous slow machines that some multinational companies were starting to use, a room full of boxes, cabinets and the like that had less computing power than my phone has now.
Children use technology as a major source of entertainment, we hear of this Xbox game and that latest PS4 accessory much more than the imaginary games we used to play. I think this shows in their work, they do not seem to have the same ideas borne from hours outside with friends.
I love technology, when used well and when it is working. My laptop is dead. I have the data and as the tv program used to say, “we can rebuild him”; it is a major inconvenience but never mind, it’s half term! In schools laptops, tablets, cameras are all available for children to use to support their learning and when they are working they can certainly enhance a lesson but when they go wrong ….
Technology is here to stay, perhaps the next National Curriculum should have a new subject, fixing technology!

The wonders of technology

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