Half terms

So I’ve got as far as Friday of half term – that means my holiday is all but over. How did that happen? My jobs list seems if anything to have grown.

I have had some nice bits – I went to London, went to the National Portrait Gallery, went to lunch with my son, went to the theatre. There have been some scary bits – my computer died and I thought it was so dead that it wouldn’t be recoverable but fortunately after having my  computer tech of a husband play with it for 48 hours, take it apart, put it back together and say the magic words that only computer people know, it recovered. There have been the bits I’ve been putting off – essay writing and housework mainly and there are the other bits – the school work!

Just before half term I had to call an interim review for a child with an EHCP – I’ve done annual reviews for statements before but this paperwork was different, new. This week I have worked through it but the boxes didn’t necessarily make sense for what I wanted. “Are the provisions of the EHCP being met?” well, sort of. The child does have a 1-1 full time in our school, but not quite, I don’t think that they are at the right school – so is that a yes or a no? I consider it a no but then the options it gives me aren’t quite what I want either – I’ve adapted it! I’m guessing that with the new Code of Practice only being 5 months old they won’t have held many Annual Reviews yet so perhaps the paperwork will be revised. The review itself gave me the answer I wanted, I can go to the Local Authority SEN panel and apply for a change of placement for this child. I’ve not had to do that before, it’s part of being new to the job I suppose. Worse than that I know, due to phoning and asking, that the school that I’d like the child to go to has no spaces. Does that mean it wasn’t worth running the review and then going to the panel? I guess not, it’s just another hurdle we will have to overcome.

For a variety of reasons a lot of my time at school is not spent doing official SENCO type work so I have a bit of a backlog. Perhaps sensibly, school is not open all holiday, the powers that be want us to have a work-life balance and think that not letting us into school for the majority of the week will help. That and a broken computer has forced that upon me. Only problem is that now I feel I am behind. I haven’t had a “holiday” but I haven’t caught up on my school work either – could I have another week please?

Half terms

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