Great lessons with no technology

I have taught a lot of lessons in the last 15 years but I can still remember a few of them very clearly, the majority have blurred into a non-memorable mass.

One that stands out still was teaching about the need to wash hands – using a “sneeze” of oil with a glitter “virus” onto my hands and then shaking hands with a couple of children who then shook hands and passed it on. The hand shaking went round and items were touched until everyone could see how fast our virus went round. We needed to go out and wash our hands – the glitter was still on the door handle weeks later.

Another lesson involved a box that had been covered with orange furry material and having to guess what was living inside it. We got some brilliant descriptive writing.

Both of these lessons were quite easy to prepare and definitely not high tech but they did the job. I suppose that the common factor was that there was something slightly different about them. With the children all seeming to have easy access to bright flashy apps on phones and tablets finding something to grab their attention can sometimes seem difficult.

This week I have seen some very excited children racing into school for a day of den building. They started in the classroom making models to discover that triangular structures were the most stable and then transferring this knowledge to building dens and structures in the small wooded area of the grounds. The dens were varied and large, the children worked together and could immediately see the use of what they had just been doing in class.

I’m sure that this is a day that those children will remember for many years to come. I know that technology can be brilliant but I also think that it is great that some of the best lessons are still taught without it.

Great lessons with no technology

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