Do you ever reach the end of a to do list?

I think I can honestly say that my life is never boring. I feel that it is a bit like British weather, you don’t like it, don’t worry it will change in 10 minutes!

I started this morning as normal with a plan – I decided a while a go to try the advice I read on someone’s blog that if the jobs you planned to do didn’t fit on a post-it note you wouldn’t get them done – so my jobs list has been condensed.

I started the day with a quick catch up with the head and try to do some filing and write my little list. Before school starts I am currently doing a bit of booster work with a child who needs a spot of help (all was going well). I did my normal door duty, chatting to children and parents, writing down messages that need to be passed on and, as today we were doing activities for Day for Change, collecting a handful of 50p and 20p pieces and jotting the children’s names down – fortunately the majority took their money to class. By 9 o’clock all was still going to plan.

I darted round the school ensuring that all messages were passed to the relevant staff, they knew that Johnny and Susan had paid their 50p, I was beginning to think it was time to grab a cup of tea when I saw a distressed parent (plus buggy) taking the littlest one to class. I offered a chat and a coffee. She gratefully accepted and half an hour later was much calmer and happier and went on her way.

I then realised that one of our 1-1 TAs was off sick and the child she worked with needed someone with him – Oh, that would be me for a bit then! As it was Day for Change having paid his money, he was off to do his session on the PE equipment. Time on the apparatus over we went to listen to a story about a naughty firefly from the local fire brigade.

I did a quick swap with another member of staff to work with the child needing 1-1 support so that I could send a few emails. I gained a small group of children to consolidate their maths and then it was lunch time. I had a merry band come to join me for lunch and then they played happily building a space station out of Geomags attached to the underside of my table.

We are soon starting a group that will be going out to the allotments so I took the TA who will be running this group out to have a look at what is there, it really is a lovely place to be in the sunshine. Tempting though it was to stop at the onsite café we decided to go back to school.

A few more emails answered, a couple of phone calls made,a bit of filing done, talk to two sets of parents, find a lost pair of trousers (not mine) and an SLT meeting rounded off the day.

This seems fairly typical as days go – did I do all of the jobs on my small post-it? No, was I busy all day? Yes.

At school we never promise anyone that tomorrow will be better, we always say that it will be different and I know that it will. Will I get all of the jobs on my list done tomorrow? I doubt it but I’ll try. Perhaps rather than a to do list I should just write an “I have done” list at the end of the day then I know it will be 100% completed.

Do you ever reach the end of a to do list?

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