The Education Show, do you just go for the freebies?

It is the weekend, two glorious days to do whatever I want, the reason that we go to work. That is right isn’t it, we work to live and not live to work? Well hopefully but this weekend I have to write an essay, yes, another one, the last one before starting the action research project (and essay) before completing the portfolio that will make up the three parts of my SENCO course.

Next weekend is not a working weekend, well, nothing specific, just a bit of planning and odds and sods that will invariably need to be caught up on but the weekend after is the Education Show. I am fortunate that it isn’t too far from where some of my family live so I can combine it with a weekend away. I am looking forward to going, there are always so many new things to see and think, “if only we had the money”. There are seminars to go to; I’m hoping to go to a seminar on social communication, something that a lot of our children find quite difficult. A member of my family who only has very loose links with education is coming with me, they’ve never been to anything like this before, I’m not certain that they need to learn about social communication but hopefully they’ll enjoy it anyway!

Of course the main reason for going isn’t to stock up on all of the free pens, highlighters, jelly beans, stress balls and memory sticks but that does add to the fun of the day. Previously I have taken home board games, ice scrappers and mugs too, quite how some of these items link to education I’m not always sure, but they’re free and I’m always up for a freebie! Walking round with your badge on, “Can I scan you please?” seems to be the main question that gets asked but from this I have won all day activity events for the school and also a Kindle so all of a sudden I’m happy to have my badge scanned! On the flip side I know that I will be receiving 700 phone calls and 3000 emails over the next few months offering me and wanting to discuss items that I looked at whilst there. I am sorry for these sales people as I’m sure I’m not the only person who was attracted to their stand because of the competition and pen with a windmill on the top.

I will be polite to all of the people who phone, I will probably delete quite a few emails unread but maybe there will be someone that I want to do business with and so for them that offer of the free, fluffy ice scrapper was worth it!

The Education Show, do you just go for the freebies?

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