Working as a team

We all have job descriptions; I guess that most of us don’t read them that often. I can’t say that I’ve read mine recently, I do know that as a teacher there has always been that caveat of “or whatever the head teacher asks” (although it may not be worded quite like that!)

I go into work with the intention of doing my work but also with the intention of being part of a team. Being part of a team makes everything so much better for everyone. I’m a SENCO and I don’t have a class responsibility at the moment, I do though, occasionally, go and teach the odd lesson in different classrooms. The deputy head also doesn’t have a class responsibility but does teach every week to provide PPA cover. The head also teaches regularly in one of our more interesting classes.

It is reaching that time of year where  we want to ensure that Y6 are to show how much they have learnt since they’ve started school! Booster sessions are offered either before school with free entry to breakfast club or after school with a snack provided. These sessions are optional for both staff and children – over half of the teachers have said they are happy to offer a session or two every week and about half of Y6 have said that they will come. These sessions are low key and both staff and children seem to enjoy them.

I have, in the past, had children showing challenging behaviour in my office – I have been offered (and accepted) assistance from everyone from the caretaker and a dinner lady through to other members of SLT. I equally well try to help them – I have sat in the office and answered the phone, I have served dinners, I have done playground duties it is part of being a team. I am not the only one, most other members of staff will happily do the same.

I like working as part of a team, I like it when a plan comes together, when everyone is working towards the same end. Hopefully the children will see the adults working as a team and they will want to do the same.

Working as a team

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