A day out of school

It feels almost naughty – I haven’t got out of bed until 7:15 , on a Tuesday, in term time! I have to go to the university who are running my SENCO course as I am the student representative for our group on the course. The sun is shining and I don’t have to go into school first – tempting though it is!

In any “normal” job this may seem strange, you want to do something on a Tuesday, you book a day’s holiday and enjoy it. I’m not trying to pretend that driving for 2 hours, sitting in a meeting and behaving as though I know what I’m talking about for an afternoon and then driving 2 hours back is a holiday but it feels like it! I’ve got up late, made my husband cup of his special coffee, eaten breakfast, planned a short list of jobs that are normally difficult to do before 7:00am and after 7:00pm, will be able to do them and will still be ready to go by 10:00.

I’m not expected to be in at school, it’s on the diary, I’ve told people so they aren’t expecting me to be there and I have already answered some emails. One of the jobs on the little list is to sort out the draft of my essay that I spent the weekend writing because I didn’t take the study day to which I was entitled last week but postponed as it wasn’t urgent and it was busy at school. So why do I feel guilty? I think within education a lot of people seem to have an inbuilt sense of guilt – did we all have “could do better” written on our reports when we were little and now feel we need to prove that this is no longer the case?

I’m going to work at not feeling guilty, I am still working today, albeit not in school, they approved my going, I do not need to feel at all guilty! I am now going to start the list of jobs, home jobs including paying a cheque into the bank, I just hope I don’t bump into any of the parents from school as they will not understand why I’m allowed out, on a school day, during term time.

A day out of school

2 thoughts on “A day out of school

  1. Marian says:

    I know exactly how you feel! I’m absent from school at present due to illness and hide if I see a parent coming towards me! But we do it to ourselves,


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