Working with children

Today has been one of those difficult days but then you work with children and it all becomes worthwhile again.

Yesterday we had a poet in school and our Y4s have, in response, written some amazing poetry. Their ideas are lovely – here’s a few examples

Faster than a cheetah chasing,
Faster than a jet engine crackling,
Faster than a rocket searing,
Faster than a whip cracking,
Faster than a snake striking,
Faster than a nerves firing,
That’s how fast I am.

louder than a lion roaring
louder than my brother snoring
louder than a giant stomping
louder than a leopard running
louder than a door slamming
louder than a teacher teaching
that’s how loud I am.

I’ve been offering to help any Y6 children who wanted to come in early to do 20 minutes booster work before school and this morning 10 minutes before the due time trotted in a little lad with a beam on his face – “I’m here, please can we start.” He is so enthusiastic, it’s great.

During the afternoon I worked with a few KS1 children in a reading group, they were all so keen to answer questions and to try and explain their answers. You could see how they were trying to transfer knowledge from one subject to another. The story that we were looking at was about a baby squirrel that had been found abandoned. Dad brought it home inside his jacket, I asked how did it hold on, “Probably using its prehensile tail,” was the immediate answer from one little one! We had a bit more of a chat about squirrel’s tails but she had remembered learning about the prehensile tail of the seahorse so it was a good try.

During the day a few children had come to show me good work, some amazing science from KS1 – they were designing an experiment to do with the smell of an onion. I was asked what I thought they were going to do with the onion – I suggested that they were going to chop it up and put it with cheese in a  sandwich, I was clearly put in my place, that was not an experiment! I’m not sure I would have known that at their age!

Working with children

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