Perceptions v Reality

The reputation of a school is built on a lot of things, Ofsted reports, press reports, reports from parents and children who move from the school to other local schools but does reality actually match?

The school where I work is great, it is not without its challenging children and local knowledge of these challenging children is what its local reputation is based upon. I ended up as SENCO at this school almost by accident, I was apprehensive when I first visited but found it was like …. a school! It was calm, children were in classes, teachers were teaching, what did I honestly expect?

We had OFSTED last year who said that we were a Good school. It proved that we had children who were learning, progressing, achieving. The reputation though, remained.

I had a visitor this week who looked round the school. They were pleasantly surprised; the school was calm, spacious, peaceful. They too were expecting something else. The nice thing was that they had the opportunity and took the trouble to come and see us. I admitted that I was exactly the same before I started. It is a shame that more people aren’t able to come and see us, see how we deal with the very few tricky children and what a lovely school we have.

Perceptions v Reality

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