Blogging – the joy of reflection

I started this blog at the very end of last year (because I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions) with the aim of being able to reflect upon my day in what is still a very new job to me. Although I have the title SENCO my job seems to stretch into many other areas from parental councillor to lunch time supervisor.

People have asked how do I manage to write a blog each day but truthfully it is easy. I think the expression, “If it’s important enough you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse” is very true. It is 20 minutes of time that I now set aside to look back on the day, something I’m beginning to see as more and more valuable and even, maybe, necessary.

This week seems to have gone on for about 2 months. So much has happened, both good and bad and it has left me an awful lot to think about. I have seen sides of human nature that I would have hoped to never have to have seen. I have also seen kindness and caring. I am discovering that I can be calm in situations that previously I would not have imagined that I could. I have held conversations that 12 months ago I would not have imagined myself being able to hold.

In the last 5 days I have seen amazing work from children, I have worked with different groups of children, I have had a day out of school, I have attended a variety of meetings, I have not necessarily crossed many things off my to do list! Perhaps the week was in fact only 2 days long not 2 months as it has flown by!

During this week in particular I have appreciated the time to write my blog. Not everything that I have reflected upon has been recorded but there is always something that I have been able to record but the stopping and thinking process has been good. I have, for possibly the first time since I started teaching, come home, intentionally, without my school bag. It is leaving me a little twitchy but I’m sure I’ll manage. My father used to say that you are as indispensable as the hole your finger leaves when you take it out of a bucket of water – and it’s true. Nothing drastic is going to happen if I stop for a weekend. I will take time to look back at this week and also to think about next week for as we tend to say at school, “we can’t promise that tomorrow will be better but it will be different.”

I’m sure next week will be different. I’m looking forward to it already!

Blogging – the joy of reflection

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