Out of the mouths of babes!

Over the years I have heard some wonderful things from children; I think it is one of the joys of being in school, those little things that make you chuckle.

Several years ago in my first reception class we were talking about textures:-

“Does any one know what textures are?” I asked. A small child who didn’t normally volunteer answers put up her hand.

“It’s on your phone, I hear my mum say it, I’ll texture later!”

Today I had a meeting with the FaST (Family Solutions Team) about some children they had been working with. The small lad kept saying he was very fast and could probably beat them any day in a race – he could have been right but we didn’t test his hypothesis!

A few weeks ago one child was very cross and said a rude word, another overhearing asked, “What is a bar card anyway?” We moved swiftly on!

It’s also amusing how children perceive their own and other children’s actions. I had a small child come into my office today whilst a had another child who had not been an angel yesterday working in there. He was horrified at this child’s behaviour and gave a very good lecture on how you shouldn’t behave like that in school …. Initially he was unable to relate this to his previous behaviours. Eventually he could recognise the similarities with an, “Oh yes, oops!” Hopefully the lesson will sink in!

Out of the mouths of babes!

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