I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!

I can sympathise with the White Rabbit. I feel as if I m chasing from one appointment to the next with not enough time to catch up with myself. I feel as if a few more hours in the day or a few more days in the week would be useful. I know that people may say that I need to work smarter, be more organised, write a list, don’t write a list, start earlier, block time, delegate….. All of these are probably true and I do try but I still seem to have more jobs, tasks, meetings and appointments than I manage to fit into my day.

It isn’t just at work where doing door duty is followed by a meeting, followed by writing a letter, followed by lunch time club which is followed by writing a report then followed by a reading group… After school a governors meeting leads onto getting home ready to go out to supper with a family member. Tomorrow looks very similar. The weekend combines a trip to my mother with the Education Show and then we are onto next week1

I like being busy. I’d hate to be bored. I do like doing all of my jobs properly. I have to admit though, I am looking forward to a spa break during the Easter holidays and perhaps I will catch up with myself before the final stretch of the school year, the summer term is upon us.

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!

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