Time to catch up

I’ve had a paperwork day – a day working from home catching up on emails, writing up minutes, IEPs, referrals and 101 other things that I needed to do. Do I feel better for it? Yes and no.

I’m pleased with how much work I’ve completed that can be crossed off the list but rather guilty that I had a day at home with no interruptions (the cat shouting for food doesn’t count) and have just got on with it. I feel guilty that other members of staff e.g. teachers can’t just have a day to catch up, for them, as I know, it is relentless.

I will be back tomorrow but again I won’t be in school, tomorrow is allotment day. Several staff with only a small group of children out at our beautiful allotment in the countryside, drawing plans, measuring, in the fresh air – we can even have a drink of squash and a biscuit out there.

Should I feel guilty? Probably not but I do. I think others get a much tougher deal but it has been good to catch up a bit.

Time to catch up

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