The Education Show; is a visit really work?

I went up to Coventry (or thereabouts) yesterday to visit my mum and also so I could go to the Education  Show at the NEC today.

We decided train was the easiest mode of transport and duly trundled to the station; the train was late. Not to worry, we had plenty of time. Having arrived we saw the queue for the Pritt stand. It was long, we decide to look later! We made a plan of round the edge then up and down the middle. There was plenty of chance to chat to stall holders, look at things and collect free pens!

I had been asked to look for a variety of things by various people ranging from board games for KS2 boys to French and Early Years. There were lots of things to look at, to think… If only we had a limitless budget… Lots of people offered sweets, chocolates, highlighters, it seemed rude to refuse. We went back to the Pritt stall, the queue was even longer, we voted that it probably wasn’t worth it.

We listened to 2 talks, one on coding for Early Years and one on social communication in the classroom, both worth listening to and it gave our feet a rest and time to eat our sandwiches. Our bags were full so we headed home. A count of freebies at home included 2 packets of seeds, a bag of assorted sweets, a tube of toothpaste, pencils, highlighters, post it notes, 40 pens and 3 stress balls.

People have asked why I wanted to spend my weekend doing work things but looking at my bag of goodies It didn’t feel like it!

The Education Show; is a visit really work?

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