They were all beautiful once!

I went today to visit a tiny baby – she’s now just over 4lb and not due to be born for several weeks. She was beautiful and so innocent. Looking at some of our more challenging children they too were like this once – well maybe not quite so small!

How do some children who were all so sweet and innocent grow up to show such behaviours? Parents tell us that they don’t use the language that we hear their children use at home – and we certainly don’t use it at school. We are assured that they don’t see behaviours such as they demonstrate in school, at home – so how do they acquire such knowledge?

I’m sure video games have a part to play, as do films, friends and a 101 other things but some children, often from the same family manage to turn out beautifully. I’m sure there is a long discussion on Nature v Nurture and good reasons on each side but still as I looked at that tiny baby today I had to think…. they were all lovely like that once!

They were all beautiful once!

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