Working to deadlines

We all seem to have deadlines to work to and part of the fun at work is organising everything so that all deadlines are met. Even children have deadlines – days for homework to be handed in, times that tests have to be completed in. We all react differently.

I’m doing my SENCo course – the first module needs to be submitted soon, very soon. There is not an option of, “the dog ate it,” “my sister was sick last night,” or even, “I haven’t done it yet.” It has to be done. It is a ‘failure is not an option’ thing. I can’t say that the deadline is a shock, I was told in September that the module (3 separate essays) would have to handed in at the end of March. Six months, half a year – no real rush then, after all a bit of reading, a bit of trying things in school and 3 essays totalling 5,000 words. It should be a doddle. I can write a 500 word blog in under half an hour so it’s only like a fortnight’s blogging – if only!

I don’t like pressure, I like to be organised, I am an inveterate list writer so how come with only a few days to the absolute deadline am I not going out this evening but trying to sort out the end of an essay? What would I say to the children? I’m guessing, “Never mind I know you’ve been busy for the last 6 months,” would not be the answer.

It’s the same in school, we’ve been looking at Y6 SATs predictions – have we done enough? We’ve had most of these children years, we should be confident but there is always that self-doubt because a deadline, the test, is looming.

Some people love the pressure, the adrenaline and leave things to the last minute on purpose. I wish I’d submitted my essays weeks ago and be already started on the next bit, to be ahead of the game. But I haven’t and I guess if I actually stopped writing this blog and got on with it then it would be closer to being finished. I think really that I am as bad as the children – I keep putting it off but like SATs the deadline will soon be here so I’ll try and be confident that I’ve done the work and now I just need to do it!

Working to deadlines

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