Today I forgot my watch! It has driven me mad; I have looked at my empty wrist lots of times. In some ways though it has been quite liberating.

I did choir – the children came and sang until we had finished what we were doing, it was great – well… OK, the Y6s were a bit late for their sitting in the lunch hall but they still got to eat. I wasn’t actually late for anything as children moving around the school alerted me to the end of lunchtime and the end of the day.

I used to work at a school with lots and lots of bells, at least this school we have none. That was a major adjustment but I think I prefer it. I visited a local school today and a bell rang – it took me a couple of seconds to realise that it wasn’t a fire drill and that was mainly because the person I was talking to didn’t blink at the noise.

We all seem to have become slaves to time. We know what time the alarm goes off, the time that we open the door to the children, what time we need to be at assembly, what time we go to break, to lunch, home! The children always want to know how much longer till the next activity, break, lunch and, like us, home! We obviously need some structure in school. We can organise break times in classes at points that are convenient to ourselves but we need to know when assemblies and lunches are as they involve a lot of other people.

It would be nice to not feel quite so tied to time but in a school that would probably lead to chaos but we do soon have that option…. it’s nearly the holidays. The holidays are times when we can, perhaps, not set the alarm, choose when we want to eat or even go to the loo! Our bodies are generally good at keeping time, they learn that it can want a drink and a wee at 10:45 and lunch at 12:20 but it is very quick to forget! I certainly look at my watch a lot more during the first few days after a holiday as my body readjusts.

I still haven’t found my watch but I know what time it is now… bedtime, because it’s school tomorrow!


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