What would you do in London?

We have come to London for the weekend. We think of a weekend in London and think of what we can do. This weekend it’s an overnight stay, dinner, walks along the Thames and the theatre (The Play That Went Wrong – hilarious farce). Other times I have done museums, art galleries or shopping.

I am aware that others don’t think like that. When I was a student teacher, many years ago, we had a little girl tell us that she was going to London. She was very excited, could we guess what she was doing? We tried. We suggested Buckingham Palace, London Zoo and a few other child friendly places. No, it was better than that… she explained she was going on a coach, another first…

The excitement was almost palpable as she said she was going to see daddy. I then discovered daddy was in Pentonville. Oops, I don’t think she noticed the look on my face. It taught me a lesson, get to know the children and something about their background, also to realise just how different some of our children’s lives are to our own.

I never come to London without thinking of her and her excitement.

What would you do in London?

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