I had an Annual Review to conduct today. That’s OK, I’ve done them before. I had all of the invitations inviting everyone and asking for reports to be written and sent back to me posted a month ago. I had a couple of reports back and the first half of the annual report form was filled in and distributed 2 weeks before the meeting which in turn was 2 weeks before the latest date. That’ll teach me to feel smug!

I got to the review, parents turned up, the teacher was there and apologies from others had been received… so far so good.

We discussed the child, with support she is doing quite well in our school. She is though, by everyone’s description – complex! She doesn’t fit into any neatly labelled box. She doesn’t have an official diagnosis although ticks lots of bits of lots of boxes – not that we need a diagnosis, we treat her as a child and deal with her as such. Communication is a bit of a problem still but we are getting there. Cognitive ability seems not too bad but with her other difficulties it’s a bit hard to accurately assess.

There was a local school with a specialist provision within it that would have been really, really good for her. But it shut. Another specialist provision has offered a place – but parents aren’t totally convinced that it is right but they aren’t convinced a mainstream setting is right either… a dilemma. Which brings me back to my forms.

“Should the EHCP be continued without amendment/ ceased/ amended?” I know I don’t want it ceased but I’m not sure if I want it amended. “Is the provision  meeting the needs of the child?” Well sort of, she could go somewhere else but the decision hasn’t been made yet…

The last EHCP review that I did I had similar dilemmas, I needed to go back to panel to ask them to consider a specialist placement – there isn’t a box for “Sort of unless I can find something better!”

I seem to find on a regular basis that the answer I want on forms isn’t there. Is it badly designed forms or is it me? Unfortunately, as everyone else has no problems, I think I know the answer!!


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