Easter Traditions

It’s Easter, we made it to the holidays! Like Christmas Easter often comes with its own traditions. Starting on Maundy Thursday with the giving out of Maundy Money – I don’t know the origins of the tradition but I know it happens, this year the Queen gave out 178 bags of money to pensioners in Sheffield; 89 men and 89 women each receiving coins that total 89p. From an outsiders point of view this has to rank as a slightly strange tradition.

Today, Good Friday, we look forward to our Hot Cross Buns. As a child I was never too worried about the significance, I just loved to eat them! Actually I still do and I won’t buy them in the shops before Good Friday although they seem to be around from not long after Christmas. It seems wrong somehow.

Another Good Friday tradition that I grew up with was from my dad – Good Friday is the day you plant your potatoes. Why? I don’t know, it just is. Even as a child I would wonder how it worked as Easter moved around and so there could be almost a month between the dates that the potatoes were planted. Even so they were planted every Good Friday and every year we had good potatoes!

Easter Saturday doesn’t have many exciting traditions associated with it (apart from a long evening church service with a fire). The Sunday was always an Easter Egg hunt, not having little children around now means that I no longer race round hiding eggs either in the garden if it was nice or around the house if it was wet. The children at school at Easter egg hunts around their classrooms yesterday, I don’t have a class so I didn’t even get to do that although several small, excited children came to show me their egg pictures that they were going to swap for an egg at the end of the day. I thought that a very clever idea!

It is now the Easter holidays and I’m aiming to have about a week off from school work – that will probably be harder than no Facebook for Lent but I’ll give it a go. It’s been an interesting term – in lots of ways, so I suppose that if I’m not thinking about being a SENCO then there will be no random thoughts about it. I’ll see how that goes too!

Easter Traditions

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