Action Research

I need to get going on the second module of my SENCO course. The second module is summed up in only a few words,

“Task: Carry out a small scale action research study examining an aspect of leading  SEN teaching and learning practice in your school. (5000 words +/- 10%)”.

So 5000 words – about 2 weeks worth of these blogs on an aspect of leading SEN in the school – I’ve come up with lots of ideas – and discounted nearly all of them. This has to be manageable, I have to lead change, I have to have reasons for what I want to do based on other people’s research not just an idea that I dreamed up. What I do will make a difference to children, I have to get it right. If I do get it right I will be making a positive difference, which is obviously what I want, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about!

My first module looked at behaviour and Nurture Groups and reading tests, it would be good if this module linked to it, it would mean I had done some of the reading already. I have done more scribbling on back of envelopes type thinking, I’ve written ideas, I’ve scribbled them out again. I think I would like to do something on Nurturing schools – but can I show this has an impact on learning for our SEN children? I would like to do something on how teaching assistants work – but that’s quite a broad subject. I’m interested in how our 1-1s work with their allocated children, that does link directly with SEN but exactly what I want to look at, change, reflect upon and try again I’m not sure and I also don’t want to make too many changes for the children as they don’t deal well with change…. The list and the hurdles seem endless.

They can’t be endless, I need to sort it out. I only have this term to do the action research as it all has to be handed in by September and I’m guessing that the children and staff won’t be around in the holidays . I would prefer not to be spending my summer holidays writing this up too but I’m pretty sure that is what will happen!

So today I am going to make a decision. I will get out all my bits of paper, draw a few spider diagrams, write a few notes, think about what we really want to do/ know/ change/ improve and decide. Once I’ve made a decision and committed it to paper I can start reading. that will feel positive and I will be ready to hit the ground running when we go back to school. It all sounds so easy!

First round of action research may need to be into something closer to home – dunking biscuits into tea – the decisions there are still endless – shall I look at types of biscuits, types of cup… I know I need to  “plan, act, observe, analyse, and reflect”. So

1. Plan – I will make the tea

2. Act – Dunk the biscuit

3. Observe – What happened to the biscuit? What happened to the tea?

4. Analyse – Was that as I expected? Was the biscuit enhanced by the dunking?

5. Reflect – Would I use that type of biscuit, dunked for that amount of time again?

The answer is another cycle of action research I feel – If only I could write a masters level assignment on biscuits!

Action Research

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