It seems like a long holiday!

Our holidays don’t seem to quite line up with all of our local areas, I suppose that this is one of the things with local authorities choosing their own dates around Easter. We broke up on Maundy Thursday but it felt as if we’d gained a lot more than one extra day. I know that lots of my friends are spending this evening catching up on last minute planning and checking that all their resources are ready whereas I still have a full week ahead of me.

I decided that I would spend the first week of my holidays relaxing, avoiding school work and that I’d catch up during the second week. The first part went well – I’ve done no school work – a real holiday but life has got in the way of the second bit. This week I can do school work on Monday and Tuesday but then I’ve managed to organise being away Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – oops! Should I worry? Possibly not, but I do feel a bit guilty as people always quote the “You teachers getting 13 weeks holiday a year…” line and I’m always quick to say that I spend a lot of my weekends and holidays working and it doesn’t work out as that much holiday really.

I do spend a lot of my evenings, weekends and holidays working on school related activities and this year even more so as I’m having to do reading (boring) books and journals and writing my (even more boring) assignments. This holiday though I haven’t. I have thought about my new assignment, I have even decided what I want to do it about – something linked to the language we use when working with children with receptive language difficulties; I think I need to make it a bit more specific than that though. I have answered a couple of work emails but I haven’t really worked. I can’t even remember everything that is on my to do list but I can bet that it hasn’t shrunk whilst I wasn’t looking.

I have a very busy week planned (including spa days and visiting family) so there won’t be a lot of spare time but I’m sure that by the time I reach this time next week I will have done a few bits off the list. I will though also be very relaxed and ready for the final term of what has seemed like a very fast year. Next weekend seems like a long way off yet so I’ll fit in work where I can and enjoy the rest, I could do something now but I’m off to get my hair cut instead!

It seems like a long holiday!

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