What have you done today? …… Nothing!

Today has been one of those days where I don’t seem to have stopped although I’m not sure what I’ve achieved and nothing drastic has happened. I suppose that is better than some of the alternative types of days that I have previously had (and no doubt will happen again).

I seemed to have started by working with a child on some mental maths, talked to a parent who was having home-life issues and thought I should be aware as her child may be slightly affected (nice that they considered this important fact), did a TA appraisal, sorted a few minor behaviour issues, made a couple of phone calls and it was lunchtime. Lunchtime was spent with children in my room – good children who wanted the opportunity to chat and play. After lunch was 3 groups of readers and a bit of paperwork before a whole staff meeting, a bit of data crunching and it was definitely home time.

I would hate to be followed by a time and motion study person – or maybe actually it would be useful. How does the time slip by so quickly? Sometimes I feel very inefficient and I’ve read all the “how to make the most of your time” type articles and try to block times to do different things but somehow working in a school with real children who have real parents who have real, complicated lives things don’t always go to plan.

I’m sure that I do get things done, I’ve certainly got several EHCPs through this year, I’ve reviewed some, gone to panel and got changes of placements through, I’ve referred people to outside agencies and when the outside agencies arrive there are rooms booked for them and I’ve let the magical office staff know so that they’ve sent letters to parents so that they can appear for the follow up meetings too.

Having listed what I’ve done I can see that I have filled my time productively but I do now have sympathy with my children who used to arrive home from school and when I enquired what they’d done all day always replied, “Nothing”.

What have you done today? …… Nothing!

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