It’s all a bit subjective

Today was the last taught day of my SENCO course. It was results day for the first module too, we all passed! It was with relief that I opened the email that gave me my mark to prove that I had passed and was not the first person in the history of the course to fail – there is still the second module.

The feedback was interesting – some very valid points were raised and I would not quibble with – I’ve never had to write a critical review of a government document and relate to my work before. Some points were less clear cut, my tutor had seen my drafts and said how much she liked my writing style, it was unusual, apparently easy to read but still formal. The person who marked it did not agree! I know for the next, longer module and will try and adapt my style to be more formal (boring?).

Having previously been a year 6 teacher I know how marking writing even with a clear marking scheme can be quite subjective – I have had children whose writing was generally at level 3 produce a piece of work that the marker managed to find enough marks to give a good level 4 and also vice versa. I am glad that the long and short task writing test has now gone and a portfolio of work to show writing across a range of genres is now used.

I have started planning my action research for my next module, I talked it through with one tutor who said this was the way forward and then another chat with another tutor assured me that that idea would never work. These things are all so subjective, it is hard to know exactly whose advice to take. I will start doing the reading and the research and see which one makes more sense to me and hope that the person who marks it agrees with me!

It’s all a bit subjective

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