The computer is not dead it is just resting!

I arrived at work today and after a bit of sorting decided that I needed to put on my computer – Nothing – no light, no buzzing, whirring noise, absolutely nothing. It had been working on Thursday when I left but a Friday away and a weekend later it appeared to have fallen off its perch in the style of a Norwegian Blue. No one had apparently touched it, it had just stopped.

Mild panic was threatening to set in.

I went and found someone else in school who had an identical computer, I borrowed a power supply and lead and plugged it in – still nothing. I spoke to the head to let them know of this disaster, “Send IT an email….. Oh, you can’t!” I went to the office when is the IT man due? Luckily today was the answer and half an hour later a smiling young gentleman appeared. He ummed and aahed and agreed it looked pretty dead. He suggested borrowing the battery out of the computer that I’d tried the lead from…. it worked. I was mightily relieved, it was only going to be a temporary problem!

A bit more investigation showed that actually there was no power to the sockets in my room or the room next door. Fortunately the caretaker was able to locate the correct tripped fuse and sort that. We all waited with bated breath – would it trip again? No. The power remained and why it tripped remains a mystery but it made me wonder upon our reliance on technology.

I receive a variety of letters and reports each week and these paper copies are filed in folders in file hangers in the filing cabinet. Lot of things arrive only as e-mails or are stored as data on online database programmes, what would we do if we had a week with no power? Life would become very difficult. We are all becoming accustomed to having internet at our finger tips day and night wherever we are. We have become internet junkies, needing to be able to get information constantly.

We obviously don’t need to have access to all of this data 24/7 but we feel we like the convenience. Having this access doesn’t help in maintaining a work/ life balance. If we couldn’t access it we wouldn’t do the work at home or late at night at school, but we (maybe not everyone but lots of us) are driven by the need to complete things, to just sort this bit or that.

I know all of this. I also know that had my computer actually kicked the bucket and shuffled off this mortal coil then it wouldn’t have been the end of the world; I could use someone else’s or even eventually acquire a new one. Fortunately this wasn’t necessary and I could  continue working as normal fairly quickly for which I was very thankful!

The computer is not dead it is just resting!

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