Sorry, I don’t think I understand.

So today I went on a course. It started well – when I arrived I was greeted with, “Have you got your lunch?” No I hadn’t, I thought it was provided, no problem I was a bit early so they told me to go and buy some from the local shop. I returned a quarter of an hour later, “Sorry, just after we sent you out they came and asked what time we wanted lunch delivered at.” No problem, I now have lunch for tomorrow.

The course started and I realised quite how many acronyms and how much jargon different organisations have. The course was about fCAFs and how to run TAFs if you are the LP, if you were interested – it was on family Common Assessment Frameworks, Team around the Family meetings and Lead Professionals (bet you wish you hadn’t asked now!!).

There was a social worker on the course who talked about if someone met statutory – it all started to sound a bit like Red Riding Hood meeting a Wolf… If you go to the woods you don’t want to meet statutory. The health visitors started to discuss how they felt that Sunshine should be LP, I had to ask who was Sunshine, I was imagining some jolly person, apparently it is a team of specialist midwives.

There was a discussion regarding CIN (pronounced sin), core groups (nothing to do with apples, statements (where nothing was stated) not that they exist because they have been converted (in a similar way to water being converted to wine, I think) into EHCPlans.

We talked a lot about making the process child centred and including the parents. If we want to do that I think we all need to make sure we are speaking the same language, and even if we are all speaking the same language that we understand which dictionary we are using. I am not stupid and I work with lots of these professionals on a regular basis and we still struggled to understand each other at times. No one does it on purpose but it is very easy to slip in phrases or acronyms that are second nature in our line of work and not all parents are keen to say, “Sorry I don’t understand, what does that mean?”

I did take away lots of information on fCAFs, TAFs and what an LP does but more important I think it made me think about talking so I am understood – which is no bad thing at all.

Sorry, I don’t think I understand.

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