Why doesn’t time pass at a steady speed?

Is it really only two weeks since the holidays? It is hard to believe how fast the time is flying by, next week a bank holiday weekend and then only a few more weeks until it is half term – almost the end of the year.

There seems to be an ever increasing amount to do in what seems to be a decreasing amount of time. I think I’m just getting old! As a child time went slowly – those six week summer holidays seemed to last forever and the time between birthdays was certainly a lot longer than a year. Now though summer holidays are over in a flash and birthdays come round far more frequently!

When I was new to teaching I realised that actually the school year is almost over by November 1st (my daughter’s birthday). People looked at me strangely until I explained…

The first half term is invariably long, you are trying to get a class to work as you want them to and you need to get back into work mode. After about 3 months and very tired half term arrives. You go back to work at the beginning of November and hardly have you got back then shops start to put out their Christmas stock and the countdown to Christmas with carol concerts, nativity plays and the making of cards, calendars and glittery displays has begun. No sooner do you blink and the New Year has arrived.

You return to school and start working, the days soon get longer and you no longer go to work and return in the dark. The half term is often short depending upon when Easter is. Another holiday is soon upon you and the second half term speeds by as the weather starts to get warmer. Easter comes and goes and then you are in the final term.

The summer term, warmer, lighter, the children starting to enjoy being outside at breaks and lunchtimes. There is a bank holiday at the beginning of May and a 4 day week always speeds a half term along. SATs come and go and another holiday appears. The final half term,school trips happen, sports days, thoughts of new classes and for some new schools. The school year is over.

I can’t believe that we are in the Summer term already; scraping the ice off my car yesterday morning doesn’t help convince me but it is the bank holiday weekend and so I know it is true.

Not long then and the nights will start drawing in and we’ll be going back to start a new school year!

Why doesn’t time pass at a steady speed?

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