How much can you fit into a holiday?

It’s the holidays again. It doesn’t seem five minutes since it was Easter – well I suppose as it is Pentecost Sunday tomorrow it is probably actually about 50 days.

This holiday never feels like a real holiday but that is my own fault. I have for the last ten or eleven years signed up to mark SATs papers and this year is no different. Actually this year is very different as my house is normally full of large, bulging grey plastic sacks that move around as their contents are marked and as June progresses the grey bags get converted to blue bags. This year there is not a bag to be seen as SATs marking has joined the 21st Century and gone electronic. Previously when the weather was nice during this holiday I would take my red pen, ruler, mark scheme, iPod and a pile of papers and sit and mark in the garden, this is trickier when it is on the computer.

I also have plenty of school work that I would like to catch up on. It would be good to update all of the recommendation sheets in the class SEN files. I would like to update all of the provision maps and I really need to analyse the data from the questionnaires that staff kindly filled in for my action research project. I have a tutor who would quite like me to write a thousand word section of the essay too and starting my portfolio would be good too. The list goes on. I have non-school related tasks to do too – I need to transpose some music for the band I play in, the house always needs  cleaning, tidying and sorting; this list too goes on. I am lucky I have a husband who will, I won’t say happily but generally willingly, mow lawns, do the washing, load the dishwasher and other jobs I donate to him!

I will though remember that it is a holiday and that although working in a school is not comparable to working in some other places (I wouldn’t swap with a neurosurgeon, fireman or deep-sea fisherman for any amount of money) it can be quite emotionally draining and the break is there for a reason. So this week as well as seeing how many papers I can mark, how much school work I can do and how many things on my home job list I can cross off I am going to have some time off. I am going to London for the day, I’m having tea and a catch up with a work colleague from an old school and having lunch with another.

I will enjoy my holiday, I will have done lots and been able to choose at what time I do things. I will also look forward to getting back to school for the final half term before that long holiday – which I will definitely need after 8 weeks!

How much can you fit into a holiday?

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