Becoming an Academy

Will I notice any difference when I walk through the same doors to the same desk tomorrow? I don’t think so. The logo will change, I’m sure the sign by the gate will get altered soon, I’ve changed my emails signature but overall the job and the children will remain the same.

Behind the scenes I know that there has been an awful lot of hard work, lots of solicitor and lawyer type talk but for the majority of the staff and children it has been a seamless process.

We will get more opportunities to work together with schools that are different to ours, all have the same OFSTED grading but the catchment areas are very different and the school sizes also vary greatly. It will be an interesting time, I have already been working with the other SENCOs to organise training for our TAs, it is much more cost effective getting trainers in for a large group than for just the few TAs at any one school.

I am not sure what will happen about me getting outside agencies in, we will still be able to but we will have to pay; I guess I’m going to have to get a bit more involved in budgeting but maybe I won’t. We will still need to make the referrals and someone will still have to pay so I’ll work on that bit later.

It will be an interesting term coming up as we all start to realise that we are now parts of a bigger whole. I don’t think there will be much change but we’ll see!

Becoming an Academy

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