SENCO day off

It’s the weekend, of course it’s my day off. Most weekends start with a lie-in till 8:30 and then up for a trombone lesson. I have recently started trying to do no school work on a Saturday  and spend the day doing “normal” things.

We enjoy geocaching (check if you’ve never heard of it) and live in an area of the country that has a really wide variety of scenery within a fairly short distance (OK, we are a bit short of mountains). We have taken to choosing where we want to walk and off we go. This weekend though is different!

We are up before our lie-in is over and packing the rucksack to go to Cardiff. It is the speedway grand prix and we have been for many years now. A bit of experimentation has shown that a drive down to Bristol and then hop on a train to Cardiff Central is the least stressful and expensive. I discovered not long after starting at school that one of the dinner ladies at school is also a speedway fan and this quickly made for a good conversation starter when I was just getting to know people. One of our more challenging boys is also into speedway. I was trying to chat to him one day about what he’d done in half term and he mentioned speedway – now when he’s in a real strop asking him his opinion on something in a recent meeting will often bring him round.

Normally Sunday would be church and work whilst I have the house to myself but this week that might not happen either! Church will happen but then I’m off to trombone and then we’ve been invited out to lunch as a thank you for looking after a friend’s house whilst they were away. When we get home we will conclude a weekend of motor sport with the formula one British grand prix on the TV.

Will I feel guilty for not fitting in school work? Not really, I’ve done a lot of work recently out of school time and a break will be good! I do still need to write a 5000 word essay…… but it’ll wait!

SENCO day off

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