Heading towards the holidays

We’re on the final countdown to the summer holidays, not many weeks to go but at some points it still seems a long way away. The weather is still warm and despite knowing their new teachers children are still anxious.

We have completed sports day and the summer fair, reports have gone home and Y6 have been to look at their new secondary schools. We still have Star Award trips and a Reception class outing as well as parents evening, transition day, the Y6 play and leavers assemblies to go – there still seems to be a lot to fit in. Lessons are still going on and it should be the same in school as it is 3 weeks into term in September, but it isn’t.

It is hard to pinpoint what is different, I can work into a classroom and see lessons being taught in the same way that they always are. Outside agencies are still coming in to assess children and making appointments to feed back to parents. I certainly still have a long list of jobs that need completing.

Today has had its moments and some children have, as they explained, made the wrong choices. Tomorrow, though, is another day. There are more lessons to be taught, more things to be learnt and … I’m out all day!

Heading towards the holidays

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