Exciting times

Tomorrow is a big day for the choir, it is the day of our performance of Magna Cantata at Salisbury Cathedral. We have practiced our songs at school, we have practiced with other local primary schools and tomorrow we get to be part of a choir of nearly 400. Are the children nervous? Not yet! Excited? Definitely!

The choir consists of a small number of year 5 and 6 children and there are almost as many boys as girls; when choir doesn’t happen in a lunchtime it’s OK to attend! They have learnt words and actions and all have their favourite songs. It should be a great experience.

The risk assessments have been completed, aprons painted, lunches ordered, emergency medicines packed, riot act read. Why is there always the nagging fear that you’ll have forgotten something important? I have smiled nicely at the secretary who has found me a minibus of the right size and even arranged for it to be delivered to the school, she has sorted my adults and produced all of the letters and chased up missing permission slips – will the children appreciate all of the behind the scenes work? No, of course not – they are going out for the afternoon, singing in choir, may even be on the TV. They are children – why should they know at this age, isn’t that part of being a child?

Fingers crossed that they step up to the mark and behave as impeccably as I know they can and off we’ll go…. exciting times!

Exciting times

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